Proview's Remote Proctoring Solution

Universities: Elevate Exam Integrity and Candidate Experience

Deliver a superior online exam experience for candidates with Proview's tailored proctoring solution. Our system not only ensures the highest level of exam integrity but also promotes a culture of excellence and authenticity within educational programs.

Assessment Providers: Empower Anytime, Anywhere Assessments

Empower candidates with the flexibility of assessments available round the clock, anywhere. With Proview's 24/7 proctoring technology, rest assured that tests remain protected against false positives, ensuring accurate results and reliable evaluation.

E-Learning Programs: Streamlined Efficiency through Integration

Revolutionize your approach to testing by seamlessly integrating Proview into your existing test engine or utilizing our secure exam engine. Cut expenses with Talview's AI+human proctoring, enabling unimpeded growth for E-Learning Programs.

Training & Certification: Fortify Certification Exams with Confidence

Elevate your certification process through a safe and technologically advanced environment. Proview provides robust automated proctoring, a secure assessment engine, and video analytics, all of which synergize to create a trustworthy certification experience.

Advanced Remote Proctoring Solutions and Exam Suite

Talview Proview Automated Remote Proctoring

Through advanced video & audio analytics, the Proview system monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity. It ensures candidate focuses on test screen during the test and checks for suspicious objects in video and background voice activity to red flag the test.

Cheat-Free Online Live Tests

The Administrator can check students taking the test from their preferred location. A detailed log of browser activity and audio-visual responses of the candidate is also provided. Prevent cheating by disabling candidates to copy/paste answers during an exam.

Talview Live Remote Proctoring

Talview Live Remote Proctoring offers an end-to-end platform that supports holding multiple low to high-stakes online exams concurrently monitored by live proctors. The proctors help in authenticating test takers, monitoring exams, intervening, raising flags, terminating exams, and more.

Record & Review

This fully automated, AI-enabled application authenticates test takers, tracks, and records their behaviors, and flags critical events. After the exam concludes, our highly trained proctors, or those provided by you, can quickly review and confirm any event flags before certifying the validity of the exam and authenticity of test takers.

Easy Integration to Test Engine & LMS

Talview’s Proview is a ‘plug & play’ tool that can be integrated with any app, website session, test engine that needs to be proctored. Our app for iOS devices will enable you to proctor candidates on any web-based assessment platform. Moreover, our Proview Proctoring SDK will let you power your Android application with our advanced proctoring solution.

Safe Browser for an Extra Safe Online Exam Environment

Talview’s Safe Exam Browser provides examiners a completely authentic online exam experience. The Safe Exam Browser acts as a dedicated application for exams, preventing candidates from accessing help websites and system applications. It also has a built-in connection to Moodle, ILIAS, OpenOLAT, Inspera Assessment and other leading platforms.

Key Benefits

Expand and Scale Your Proctored Exams Online

Comprehensive remote proctoring solution enabling simultaneous administration of multiple exams, ranging from low to high stakes with expert invigilators

Monitor Online Exams in

Rely on our skilled proctors to expertly guide test takers throughout the entire test duration while providing vigilant monitoring against potential malpractice

Boost Exam Integrity with Automated Proctoring

Effortlessly detect and flag any suspicious behaviors by automatically monitoring test taker activity during exams

Safeguard Data for

Our scalable proctoring platform enables you to easily conduct secure online tests for individuals worldwide

Easily Integrate with Test Engines
and LMSs

Enhance your LMS, test engine, or enrollment tool by adding proctoring functionality with our smooth plug-and-play capabilities

Partner with a World-Class Support and Services Team

Experience a seamless implementation process and attain key business results with Proview's award-winning services and support teams

Amy Calliari
VP, Professional Development, AAAE

"We work hand in hand with Talview to enhance our Remote Proctoring capabilities and to improve our customer test taking journey"

Alberto Lima
Product Marketing Manager,

"Talview has been an essential part of our online learning product and have helped us to ensure that we meet and exceed our governance requirements. Talview has been a partner throughout online learning development and can’t recommend them enough"

Treena Tomiak-Sicard
Program Assistant,
Thunder Bay District Health Unit

"People are really using this opportunity at home to get certified in a variety of things. So, we’ve been very positively impacted by using Talview [proctoring solution] and we’re very happy with the service"

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