Overview of Proview Record and Review Proctoring Features

Test Taker Identity Verification with Face and Voice Authentication

Proview provides cutting-edge face and voice matching capabilities to verify the identity of test takers in exams or assessments. Our automated proctoring solution offers a confidence score, and our two-factor authentication process enhances security by limiting test access, minimizing the risk of malpractice.

Auto Detection of Event Flags and Logging Violations

Proview's proctoring engine with the power of two cameras automatically identifies event flags and promptly logs any violations. Proctors have the ability to filter the log list based on the level of risk (low, medium, or high) and validate the flags raised by our AI-powered application. Additionally, they can thoroughly review candidate video recordings, capture high-frequency screenshots, analyze video playback, and observe sound waveforms to log any detected violations.

Trust in the Excellence of our Proctors

Our highly qualified proctors, who have been meticulously selected and trained, prioritize the integrity, security, and privacy of exams. Following the completion of the assessment, certification, or exam, our proctors conduct a thorough review of all event flags, reconfirm the test taker's identity, and ensure the exam's integrity is maintained.

Detailed Integrity Score Report

Within 24 hours of the exam's completion, a comprehensive integrity score report is provided for each test taker, highlighting the potential level of malpractice. The report includes an end-to-end recording with accurate time-stamps, as well as event logs categorized as low, medium, or high "risk".

Securely Store Exam Recordings for Audit and Compliance

Regardless of the exam's level of importance, all proctored exam sessions are recorded and securely stored, ensuring their availability for future audits or compliance purposes.

Trusted Globally

Our highly rated proctoring solution ensures a secure and adaptable testing environment, with cutting-edge technology and customizable features.


Key Benefits

Ensure Exam Certification with Qualified Proctors

Thoroughly review and verify event flags before certifying the integrity of the exam and authenticity of test takers

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Rely on our scalable proctoring platform that enables secure online tests for cnadidates globally

Seamless Integration with Test Engines and LMS

Effortlessly integrate proctoring capabilities into your LMS, test engine, or enrollment tool with our easy-to-use plug and play functionality

Collaborate with an Exceptional Support and Services Team

Experience a streamlined implementation process and achieve significant business outcomes with Proview's reliable services, implementation, and support teams