Seamless Verification in Three Steps: Enhancing Online Exam Integrity

Candidate impersonation is a pressing issue in online exams. It undermines academic integrity, leading to unfair results and devaluing educational efforts. Preventing proxy candidates involvement is crucial to maintain the credibility and effectiveness of online assessments.

Features of ID Verification

Candidate verification during exams

Advanced face matching technology effectively detects impersonation, securing online exams against candidate fraud.

Secured exams with id verification

Multiple layers of authentication uphold exam integrity by verifying the candidate identity to guarantee a reliable and credible assessment process.

automated flag detection

ID verification along with auto detection and flagging of suspicious behaviour promotes fairness, upholding academic integrity during online exams

environment check during exams

Stringent ID verification and effective fraud detection acts as a deterrent mechanism to potential cheaters enhancing the reputation of the institute.

Trusted Globally

Our highly rated proctoring solution ensures a secure and adaptable testing environment, with cutting-edge technology and customizable features.


Key Benefits

prevent cheating

Prevent Candidate Impersonation

Authenticate the candidate to avoid proxy test-takers

Partner with Award Winning Support

Round the clock support for candidates

Talview Secure

Secure lockdown browser to restrict unauthorized access


Prevent content theft by assigning unique candidate ID to test page