Overview of Proview Live Proctoring Features

Reliable and Expert Proctors

Our proctors are meticulously selected and trained to uphold the highest standards of integrity, security, and privacy in exams. They are proficient in managing student interactions, ensuring adherence to quality control measures, and maintaining the integrity of the proctoring process.

Effortless Exam Launch and Test Taker Authentication

Our expert proctors assist test takers in launching exams, facilitating the login process, conducting multi-factor identity verification, and a 360° environment security check.

Automated Detection of Event Flags and Violation Logging

Proview’s proctoring engine automatically identifies event flags and logs any violations in real-time. Proctors have the flexibility to filter the log list based on flag severity (low, medium, or high), and validate flags raised by the AI-powered application. Proview Live Remote Proctoring empowers proctors to monitor candidate video with two cameras, live candidate screen share, review video playback, and observe sound waveforms to log any violations.

Prompt Real-Time Intervention

Take immediate action against unauthorized behaviors, like opening separate browser windows, through real-time intervention capabilities with the power of secondary camera. Invigilators can initiate one-on-one chats with test takers, issue system warnings for unauthorized activity, send broadcast messages to all test takers, or terminate exams in cases of severe violations.

Integrity Score Report

Receive a comprehensive integrity score report within 24 hours of exam completion for each test taker, offering insights into potential malpractice levels. The report includes an end-to-end recording with time-stamps, proctor notes, and event logs categorized as low, mid, or high "risk."

Review Stored Recordings for Auditing and Compliance

All live proctored exam sessions, regardless of the stakes involved, are recorded and securely stored for auditing purposes and meet compliance requirements.

Trusted Globally

Our highly rated proctoring solution ensures a secure and adaptable testing environment, with cutting-edge technology and customizable features.


Key Benefits

Protect Exam

Implement automated proctoring to monitor test taker behaviors and promptly flag any suspicious activities

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Our scalable proctoring platform enables you to conduct secure online tests for candidates globally

Seamless Integration with Test Engines and LMSs

Integrate proctoring capabilities into your LMS, test engine, or enrollment tool using our plug and play features

Exceptional Support and Services Team

Proview's award-winning services, implementation, and support teams offer smooth implementation to deliver key business outcomes