Why Choose Proview's Automated Online Exam Proctoring

Real-Time Monitoring with Secondary Camera

Simplify the entire process with Proview's online proctoring engine. Automatically detect and log event flags defined by the system or customized by you. Stay informed through notifications when potential malpractice is identified, and filter logs based on flag severity. Gain insights into suspicious browser activity, review recordings from primary and secondary camera, and validate AI-generated flags.

Verify Test Taker Identity through Face and Voice Matching

Ensure the authenticity of test taker by using Proview's advanced face-to-photo ID and voice matching features. Proview Automated Proctoring assigns a confidence score, while our two-factor authentication process limits test access to mitigate malpractice.

Secure Browser for Enhanced Online Exam Environment

Experience enhanced online exam environment with Proview Secure Browser. Our dedicated application ensures a secure exam environment by preventing candidates from accessing help websites, system applications, and performing copy/paste actions. It easily integrates with leading platforms such as Moodle, ILIAS, OpenOLAT, Inspera Assessment, and more.

Integrity Score

Obtain a comprehensive integrity score for each test taker within 24 hours of exam completion, providing insights into potential malpractice levels. This score encompasses a complete recording with timestamps, proctor notes, and event logs categorized as low, medium, or high "risk".

Seamless Integration with Any Test Engine or LMS

Easily integrate proctoring capabilities into your LMS, test engine, or enrollment tool using our user-friendly features. Our proctoring solution smoothly integrates with various applications (such as Microsoft Teams), website sessions, LMS platforms (e.g., Moodle, Canvas, Google Classroom), and test engines to meet your proctoring needs.

Flexibility to Take Exams Anywhere

Empower your test takers to conveniently take exams from remote locations using desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile applications. Our iOS app enables proctoring for candidates on any web-based assessment platform. Additionally, our Proview Proctoring SDK empowers you to incorporate our advanced auto proctoring solution into your Android application.

Trusted Globally

Our highly rated proctoring solution ensures a secure and adaptable testing environment, with cutting-edge technology and customizable features.


Key Benefits

Enhance Exam

Automated detection and flagging of suspicious behavior

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Securely administer online tests globally with our scalable auto proctoring platform

Seamless Integration with Test Engines and LMSs

Effortlessly integrate proctoring capabilities into your LMS, test engine, or enrollment tool using our plug and play features

Exceptional Support
and Services Team

Proview's award-winning services, implementation, and support teams offer smooth implementation to deliver key business outcomes